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Cultural Knowledge Quiz

Updated: Sep 24, 2018


Read each statement quickly, decide if it is True or False, then click on the link following question 10 to total your correct responses and find out how well you fared.

1. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by Norway.

2. Upon retirement, the Chinese receive a hand-carved, Swiss clock.

3. The newlywed Serbian husband surprised his bride with a bouquet of a dozen red roses!

4. "Bin" in the following name, Osama bin Mohammad bin Awad al Trikiti, indicates that this person is a male.

5. What Hindus appreciate more than anything are fine leather jackets.

6. Mao Zhe Dung’s last name is Mao.

7. Tetraphobia literally means the “fear of terata ” (=beasts).

8. The New Testament was written in Latin because Rome ruled the Mediterranean.

9. Both Hebrews and Arabs are Semites!

10. When I crossed my leg at the ankle, the Afghan said that I needed new soles.

View the correct answers and explanations here.

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