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The Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin



Total your correct responses and find out how well you fared.

1. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by Norway.
All of the other Nobel Prizes are awarded by Sweden.

2. Upon retirement, the Chinese receive a hand-carved, Swiss clock.
Clocks are NOT given as gifts because it symbolizes clicking one's life away.


3. The newlywed Serbian husband surprised his bride with a bouquet of a dozen red roses!
: Only odd-numbered flowers are given.

4. "Bin" in the following name, Osama bin Mohammad bin Awad al Trikiti indicates, that this person is a male.   TRUE: bin/ibn (son of) bint (daughter of).

5. What Hindus appreciate more than anything are fine leather jackets.
Hindus may not eat or handle beef products: cows are considered to be scared.

6. Mao Zhe Dung’s last name is Mao.
The Chinese reverse the order of names, dates, etc.

7. Tetraphobia literally means the “fear of terata ” (=beasts).
    FALSE: Greek: the fear of number four.

8. The New Testament was written in Latin because Rome ruled the Mediterranean.  
    FALSE: It was written in Greek because the lingua franca of the Mediterranean was Greek, not Latin.

9. Both Hebrews and Arabs are Semites!
Both are descendants of Shem!

10. When I crossed my leg at the ankle, the Afghan said that I needed new soles.
      FALSE: Showing the sole of one's foot to an Arab, is an insult.




SCORE:  If you answered correctly … your knowledge of world cultures is …

…10 …Exceptionally strong; my hat off to you!
…8-9 …Strong; you should be proud of yourself!
…6-7 …Not bad; try a bit harder next time.
…4-5 …Weak; nothing to write home about.
…1-3 …Very weak; start reading Cultural Portraits!
… 0 …Lamentable; travel abroad is a MUST for you!

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