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Global competence is at the forefront of success in a multicultural environment. Whether at home or beyond, the world of the 21st century demands that we understand and act appropriately on issues of global importance. The “Global Competence Matrices,” * developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), support the P21 Partnership for 21st Century Learning. The matrices encourage all teachers to help students build the capacity for understanding  the issues of global significance by investigating the world, recognizing perspectives, communicating ideas and taking action. The matrices educate us on how to successfully coexist and thrive with other cultures.

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Conference Boarding Pass Ticket Raffle (
A valuable resource for resolving challenging issues and addressing cultural questions to help you do your job with renewed confidence. 
Cultural Portraits, 
A Synoptic Guide
A fun digital game to explore the Spanish-speaking world.
Become a traveling avatar and get ready for an interactive game as you complete your passport and board your plane. Change your currency at the airport, call your spin taxi and you are ready to explore the wonders of your destination.
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If you are a school principal, a corporation executive, a registrar, an institutional dietitian, a social worker, an immigration attorney, a policeman, a guidance counselor, a director of personnel in a factory, a professor or a classroom teacher, a foreign student adviser, a business man, or a tourist traveling around the globe there are many things in Cultural Portraits that help you avoid offending the sensibilities of others and that provide a framework to develop cultural proficiency.
*The “Global Competence Matrices,” were created as part of the Council of Chief State School Officers’ EdSteps Project in partnership with the Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning.
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